Trent Renshaw Trio

In 2012, longtime friends Trent Renshaw, Ken Bussey and Matthew Lewis began performing instrumental jazz as “Trent Renshaw Trio”. The three musicians had worked together with other bands, but the trio they’ve formed has become something musically unique. Their performances include interpretations of jazz classics, translations of modern popular music, and their own original compositions. The trio has a wonderful command of their evolving musical repertoire, but their personal communication through the music is what makes them such an entertaining group. Each song to emotionally swells and recedes with the movement of the arrangement, and the three performers feed off one another creating a joyful experience that is most certainly felt by their audiences. Drawing influence from the journey of playing an instrument and performing together, the three members also pull inspiration from what they feel is greatness in jazz past and present, artists like: Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro, Keith Jarrett, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Brad Mehldau, John Scofield and Medeski Martin & Wood.

Below you’ll find performance highlights and brief biographies of each performer in the group. Take a look at the Events page to find out where they will be performing next, and also check out this YouTube page of a weekly session they host with other area performers.

Clips & Musical Highlights


Trent Renshaw-drums

Rhythms, time, and melody are all interpreted through the drum set. The experience of playing percussion instruments in various situations gives him the ability to give a performance uniquely his own. Having spent time learning the roots of American drumming, Jazz, Cuban, and Brazilian musics, Trent brings all of these influences to one voice.

Ken Bussey-guitar

A native of Frederick Maryland, an accomplished Jazz guitarist and lifelong musician. He’s devoted himself to the study of Traditional and Modern jazz. In his free time he enjoys composing music and arranging modern popular music in the jazz idiom.

Matthew Lewis-bass

Often serving as the foundation of an ensemble, the bass occupies a paradoxical role in that its presence can anchor or uproot the groove at any given moment. Each of these elements is expressed in the musicality of Matt’s two main influences, Scott LaFaro and Paul Jackson, whose respective styles of playing revealed the true potential of the instrument. Matt continually sharpens his musical vocabulary and deepens the understanding of his instrument by studying on a weekly basis with his mentor, Rufus Philpot.

An interview with Trent Renshaw can be found here for more information on what his trio is currently up to.

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