Solos and Videos

In addition to performing with groups, Trent Renshaw also performs and records solo material. Here are some examples of Trent’s favorites! You can find many more on YouTube. Thanks, and enjoy!

Groove Diary
Funky eighth notes.

Groove Diary
Funky Sixteenth notes.

Groove Diary
Funky Split Sixteenth notes.

Groove Diary
Swing. Take 1

Groove Diary
Swing. Take 2

Groove Diary
Latin. “Thing”

Clave Patterns
Clave patterns in 6 and 8.

Linear Groove
A short groove on snare, bass and hat.

The following tracks are some of his work which was recorded and mastered at Stable Studio in late 2011, and engineered by Jay Parks.

Live Performance Highlights of Trent Renshaw Trio

Live Performance Highlights of The Hello Strangers!

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