Student Play Along-Funk

This page is for drum set students of all skill levels to play along with some classic Funk songs. Playing along with these songs is best accompanied by time spent with your teacher discussing the rhythms and patterns each song contains. Pick one out and start jamming today!

Get Out My Life Woman- Lee Dorsey

Synthetic Substitution- Melvin Bliss

Impeach the President- The Honeydrippers

Hihache- Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Apache- Incredible Bongo Band

Cold Sweat (pt 1)- James Brown

Footsteps in the Dark- The Isley Brothers

Ashley’s Roachclip- The Soul Searchers

NT- Kool & The Gang

Amen Brother- The Winstons

Funky Drummer- James Brown

Cissy Strut- The Meters

Soul Vaccination- Tower of Power

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