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My feelings about all things music related on my instrument.

Various Styles for Drum Set

Music, like any art form, can be very opinionated, so to insure a good relationship with music it is important to develop a healthy opinion. In developing your opinion, it is good to keep an open mind and try to listen to various genres, even ones that you don’t have any experience playing.

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A Tribute To My Influence

Influence plays an important role in musical development and the best way to gain influence is to listen. To be a musician is to be a fan of music. If you really want to perform a certain style of music; then you have to listen to it first. I owe a lot of my musicianship to my mentor’s and to my collection of music, and there’s always more out there to hear and incorporate into my own style.

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Chops vs. Musicality

Songs and solos are not merely vehicles for players to show their skill: they are a way to communicate an emotion, an idea, or a conversation to others. It is important to remember that music comes from your soul, and that you need to feel what you are playing.

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The Drums In Music

There is no reason that the drums can not be viewed just as any other instrument: all it takes is a musical approach and the willingness to play a song or melody instead of a chopped out pattern.

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