I started playing the drums at age 10, and have loved it ever since. I really developed a passion for the instrument while attending North Hagerstown High School, under the direction of Brad O’Connor (Garfield Cadets, Mobile Percussion Seminars) while working on rudimental snare drumming and beginning to explore the drum set. Brad was the drum instructor at our high school and studying with him gave me the opportunity to excel in our drum line. While in high school, I also had the honor of working with Thom Hannum (Garfield Cadets, Star of Indiana, University of Massachusetts) on rudimental studies, and was a participant in many Mobile Percussion Seminar activities, including: being a part of the demonstration drum line at the Mobile Percussion Seminar at Towson University.

Trent Renshaw

After high school, in 1999, I focused my study on drum set with Keith MacMichael (Deanna Bogart, Barry Gurley Trio, Royce Campbell), who was a teacher at Shepherd University at the time, and I continued my study with Keith until 2007: working on various musical styles and situations. Keith helped me immensely. His knowledge and teaching helped me put together a career in music that involves performing and teaching individual lessons. After studying with Keith, I sought out a professional drummer whose playing I’ve admired for years, Billy Martin (Lounge Lizards, Medeski Martin & Wood). I studied with Billy from 2008 until 2013 on a regular basis, and continue to take occasional lessons when he’s not touring. His teaching was, and is, invaluable to me on a personal and musical level. I believe deeply in learning more about my instrument, and I think that’s one thing that keeps me motivated to teach: giving back what I’ve learned to others who are in the same positions that I have been.

“Whether you are an extreme beginner or a working drummer, I believe I have the experience and ability to help you get to the level you want to be on the instrument.”

I currently teach lessons in Hagerstown, MD at my home and online. I started teaching individual lessons in 2002, and have the ability to teach all types of percussion, including: concert, mallet, rudimental, and drum set. I welcome students of all levels and performing situations. Whether you are an extreme beginner or a working drummer, I believe I have the experience and ability to help you get to the level you want to be on the instrument.

I have performed in the Western MD, Baltimore metro, Northern VA, and Washington DC areas with various projects since 1998. Currently, I’m performing with some very talented individuals, including: The Hello Strangers, a Pennsylvania based Americana band, my jazz trio, Trent Renshaw Trio, and The Derailleurs, a Frederick, MD based gypsy and archival jazz group.

Notable Performance Venues include:

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